Who is the COO of Book of the Month?

Blake Orlandi is the COO of the Book of the Month Company, which is the first of its kind monthly subscription ecommerce service company. This company was established in the year 1926 and has launched its ecommerce services in the year 2016. The staff of this organization is working rigorously to find the new books from the thousands of books that are released into the market. They will filter out the books that have interesting and fresh stories and make the top five books available for the readers.

This is the best place for the voracious readers to find the books that are must-read in their lifetime. There are around 10 million subscribers for this company and many more are getting added every month. The subscribers can choose the five best books every month and get them delivered at their doorsteps. The readers can find the books that are yet to be released, fresh books and the books that are written by the debut authors.

Blake Orlandi is contributing high to the success of this ecommerce service company. Prior to joining this company, he worked with Deloitte consulting and then joined Evergreen Copyrights. After leaving this company, he joined Bookspan, LLC. He worked in managerial positions. At present, he has been working as the COO of book of the month since September.

He has completed his education in Industrial Engineering from University of Pittsburgh in the year 2005. He has received an MBA degree from one of the top universities across the globe, i.e. Harvard Business School in the year 2012. He is also one of the board directors of Every Child Inc., which is a non-profit organization for a short duration, i.e. from 2006 to 2008. Blake Orlandi is leading a team of 45 people in this organization and working with marketing, design, business intelligence and operations team in the company.