Titanium: A Wonder Metal for Construction Material

Titanium is the second most abundant transition metal on Earth. The term “Titanium” was derived from mythological Greek name Titan when the element was discovered independently in 1795 by William Gregor and Martin Klaproth. The first isolation of this element from its ore ilmenite was done in 1910 by an amateur chemist who was successful in isolating an oxide of titanium in impure form.

Facts about Titanium’s properties

Titanium’s discovery was a breakthrough as this element played a big role as a material of construction due to its remarkable three properties: High Heat Transfer Efficiency, Superior Strength-To-Weight Ratio, and Excellent Corrosion Resistance. These properties allowed titanium to be used for variety of applications in many industries. Though titanium can be shaped in many different ways, yet titanium tube and pipe making is the commonest among other shapes. titanium tubeThe facts about this element are that it is created in metallic form which is highly malleable and ductile, light weight, corrosion resistant, and ability to withstand on high temperatures and pressures that make it more durable compared to iron and steel, the most used metal so far for making construction materials.

Titanium’s applicability as material of construction

No doubt, titanium is quite expensive due to its awkward extraction process from its ore, but its worth in terms of applicability is also quite high that makes titanium as first choice for making construction materials and equipment that use titanium tube and pipe. titanium tubeTitanium or titanium alloy is vastly used in most industries regardless of its high price.

Titanium: A wonder metal

Titanium tube is used in vast civil and military applications. A serious splash of titanium was made in 1950s when aerospace industry realized titanium’s wonderful benefits and its applicability grew over years. Today, titanium is the highest used metal for construction material that is most trusted for its durability and performance. Titanium has already set a pace that no other metal can follow, unless something new superior to titanium is discovered in the near future.