The Role of John Lippmann to the Book of the Month Club

The 1920s boomed with bright and vibrant ideas and at this time Book of the month club made its first debut. The early successor of Book of the month club was Harry Scherman who made profits by selling Shakespeare books. Since book reading was the only past time at those ages, readers rushed to gain access to the limited collection of these works. Hence it was regarded as the most dominant competitor in the American book industry.John Lippman

The Significant role of John Lippman to the Book of the Month Club

Although it was prospering well for a long time, however after the advent of the e-commerce industries like Amazon which reshaped the concept of the book industry, the book of the month club started to face a decline. As a result, their memberships got shrunk and the panel of judges lost their authority to pick the best books for their members.

Apparently, the ownership was transferred to different hands and each one of them had to face serious challenges to make the book of the month club survive. Fortunately, in 2012, John Lippman 43 with a background in Music and private equity a former SVP, Corporate Development and Advisor to Synergy Outdoors brought the situation under control.

How John Lippman made the Book of the month Club vibrant again?

John Lippman’s vision was quite revolutionary and he was determined to make the Book of the Month Club jazzy again. He made the outdated club to breathe a new life by making the business digital with the emerging fiction writers. John Lippman’s main vision was for the millennial women to provide a handful of books from the best-selling authors. Although the project was quite challenging, yet his interest in books made his reach this benchmark.