Rabbi Eckstein’s Successor in the Charity Mission of IFCJ

Jerusalem in Israel got a sudden jerk in February this year and this also shocked Jews worldwide when CBN News Jerusalem dateline broadcasted the news of sudden demise of world leader Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ).Yael Eckstein

This charity organization was founded in 1983 by Rabbi Eckstein who was a philanthropic, but many knew him as a bridge builder. He was able to bridge the gap created by the hatred of most Christians against Jews. Fundamentally, there is not much difference in these two religions, but Christians always considered themselves superior.

How Rabbi Eckstein carried on his charity mission

Rabbi Eckstein had a mission to support underprivileged Jews of Israel, the former Soviet Union (FSU), and more than 58 other countries, for which he raised over $1.5 billion, mostly from envious Christians. Rabbi Eckstein continued his mission for 35 years until his death, and was supported by his daughter Yael Eckstein. Rabbi’s daughter has been her right hand throughout the mission. She also worked as Rabbi’s deputy.

Rabbi Eckstein’s successor in the charity mission

Today, Eckstein’s daughter Yael Eckstein is carrying legacy of her father. Rabbi Eckstein charged his daughter Yael with the mantle of his ministry in a message conveyed through tape shortly prior to his death. Yael still misses her father because it is not easy to make transition from grief to building on her father’s legacy, but she has a courage to take the responsibility her father has left for her to carry on. Yael spoke to CBN News about God’s hand within the tragedy, but she knows that she can never meet her father again, and she has to take care of everything alone.Yael Eckstein

How Yael sees her father’s goals

Yael Eckstein talks about alarming rise in anti-Semitism and believes that effort is more important than ever to achieve the goals set by his deceased father. It’s the time to wait and watch how Yael fulfils her father’s desire.