One of the Influential CEO of All Times: John Lippmann

Not every personality has that determination and faith in oneself to take off a sinking company and bring it to fly, John Lippmanndid so. He is the CEO of Book of the Month Club and has purchased this company earlier in 2012 and bought it to a great height in 2015 with its re-inventing launch.

The company gave a huge success to him as his ideas were effective and made him achieve his goal easily. His objective is to help the readers discover new books which are beyond the bestsellers list and of now he is certainly heading in the right direction. He has helped many midlist and new authors.

About the Book of the Month Club

It first came into existence in 1926 when at that time it was just a mail business company. After the rising of new companies like Amazon, the Book of the Month Club faced heavy fall and though many owners tried to survive it there was no development. And then with his intelligence and knowledge, John Lippmann took over it for changing its offline structure to online.

He gave his 100% towards the redesigning of Book of the Month Club and the result is $2 million revenue hit in 2016. The club is growing rapidly and got a good response from the customers.

John Lippmann and his ideas

John Lippman had the idea of making the business online which he did through various steps. It was not easy for him to take each step but he never stopped and succeeded in accomplishing the mission of helping the subscribers get great new books online. The customers now completely have much pleasing experience than earlier which made it more popular.

The Book of the Month Club selections among the books becomes bestsellers regularly like the famous work by the author John Updike. His ideas have brought Book of the Month Club to one of the strong players in the book industry.