International Fellowship of Christians and Jews: Before & After Rabbi Eckstein

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) is one of the largest charities across the globe. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the organization that was supporting Jews in Israel and around the world. Amazingly, this was not known to the most neighbors of Eckstein, until he died in February this year. He didn’t thrive on publicity because he believed in the true charity. He served this organization for big 35 years and raised about $130 million a year through donations.IFCJ

The organization raised by Rabbi Eckstein

The donations came mostly from evangelical Christians. Rabbi Eckstein was a man of vision, and had a dashing and charismatic personality, and his influence was enough for fundraising. The Christians freely donated funds to IFCJ, despite knowledge that mission of this organization was to support Jews in Israel. Before he died, he gave organization the strength. His death was a great loss to the organization because Eckstein was a backbone, and it was not easy to find his successor. However, Eckstein left a daughter behind to run the organization. The daughter might be genetically having traits like her father. His daughter continues the legacy of uniting Christians and Jews.

Eckstein’s daughter continues her father’s legacy

Eckstein’s daughter understands that her father left a rich and visionary work for her to lead. Eckstein chased three goals: bridging two different communities such as Christians and Jews, develop Christian understanding of the Jewish roots of their belief, and develop a pragmatic way by which Jewish people and Israel could be helped. His daughter has a big challenge ahead.IFCJ

It is not easy to make transition from grief to building on her father’s legacy, but she has a courage like her father. She will never let IFCJ down on the earth as she follows the footsteps of here deceased father. The daughter of Rabbi Eckstein will try to plug the gap created due to passing away of this great philanthropic leader.