In U.K Robert Casula Is The Only Remaining Practitioner Of Robotic Cardiac Surgery

Mr Roberto Casula is among the rare heart surgeons to carry out this procedure within the continent of the U.K. he is the associate of Englands Royal College of Surgeons and an advocate of Society for Cardio-thoracic Surgery in Ireland and Great Britain and also a member for cardio-thoracic surgery of European Surgery.

Roberto Casula
roberto casula

Till now Mr casual has carried out several thousand cardiac operations. In the U.K, he first performed open heart surgery in 1990. He is the explorer of both minimal access heart and robotic surgery in the U.K. he is also responsible for performing a clinical program of robotic cardiac surgery in the imperial college.


Minimal access to the heart and robotic surgery come up with huge benefits for the suffering patient like the scars are limited to a smaller area, causes less pain and comparatively fewer pain killers are used. It also reduces the possibilities of post-operation infection and less blood is transfused. And more importantly, a patient gains speedy recovery, added with good emotional and physical healing with quicker mobilization.

Who is he?

In 2002, Mr Roberto Casula was the first one to carry out the coronary bypass surgery without Roberto Casulafull dissecting the heart in the U.K. After this grand success, Mr Roberto performed more than 135 cardiac surgeries on patients using robotic techniques of minimal access.

Under the guidance of Mr Roberto, all patients entailed to coronary bypass implant were operated without the help of cardiopulmonary bypass instrument. Instead, it is conducted using the ‘off-pump’ or OPCAB technique, which enables to perform the surgery without stopping the patient’s heartbeat.  This highly reduces the fear of any fatality or stroke in particular patients.

Procedures related to robotic surgery

  • Replacement of Aortic valve
  • Off-pump artery surgery
  • Minimum access repairing of mitral valve