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Blake Orlandi COO of Bookspan

Its being 90 years book clubs from Bookspan plays a significant and distinct role in today’s book industry. Bookspan is an e-commerce company which mainly focuses on transforming book clubs into a modified digital platform that will best serve influential readers from present days.

They have a team of passionate book readers, lovers and innovative problem solvers and Blake Orlandi as COO. By using modern technology they create new opportunities for publishers and gives great experiences to readers.

The company has its headquarters on Northeastern US,  East Coast, Greater New York Area, and have total 51-200 employees with 1,301 followers. Bookspan was founded in 1st February 1926 is an e-commerce company which gives a great buying experience to the vivid readers of today’s generation by providing a huge collection of book emporium.


It uses nine technology services and products which include G Suite, Google Analytics and Microsoft Outlook. And has ranked 37,867,427 globally among websites based on a total of 20 web visitors of it monthly.

One registered trademark Bookspan is in the class of advertising and business. Employees show profuse interest on Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Fortran and happiness index. Yearly estimation of revenue is  $23.2 M. team members includes John Lippman as CEO, Delaney Manders as CTO and Blake Orlandi as COO.