Actions taken by IFCJ non-profit organization

Do you know how International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is gaining a huge popularity in the charity world? The answer is simple by serving the society without any expectations and by being transparency in whatever program they undertake. IFCJ ratingsThe best part is that, they publish the financial information on the website to let the donors learn how their money is put to use. This charitable organization is working towards the goal of strengthening the relationship between Jews and Christians.

Few of the actions that are taken by this IFCJ ratings non-profit organization include:

Respond to the questions quickly: These people run a call center who responds in seven different languages. When the donor queries are responded quickly, this boosts the trust and confidence on the non-profit organization. IFCJ ratingsThis would motivate them to offer donations. These people also respond to the phone calls and answer the queries through emails. These people convert every prospective donor into a potent one by talking to them. Many charitable organizations would lose the donors just because they do not have an option to talk. The call center people will answer to all the common problems that are experienced by the donors. They have a IFCJ ratings website with a chat box to answer the queries. The staff would provide proper response to the donor inquiries.

Publish Annual report: This non-profit organization will publish its annual report without fail with the amount that they have spent and how much amount they have spent on conducting fundraising events clearly. This keeps the donors informed on the activities that are done by IFCJ ratings. The donors of this organization would feel satisfied seeing the annual report. They publish this report on the site. This also showcases the financial health of the organization and let the donors know how their donations are serving the needy people.