Sam Houston State University, under the scanner

If you are planning to apply to the Sam Houston State University, then you should know that it happens to be the third oldest institution in the state of Texas. Furthermore, its criminal justice program is one of the top ranked programs in all of US for its criminal justice program, which also happens to be the oldest in the country.

sam houston state class ringThe University is currently located at Huntsville, Texas and currently enrolls 20,000 students each year for its 80 Undergraduate programs, 59 master’s program and 6 doctoral research programs. It certainly stands out for all the right reason and incidentally the university awards the Sam Houston state class ring to qualified students in a special ceremony and incidentally, the ring ceremony became part of the SHSU tradition only since 2003. It should be pointed out that the Sam Houston State class ring was designed by a special committee and presented to those students who qualify for the same.


Here is some background information regarding the University which you may not be aware of; the campus was home to the Austin College where Sam Houston pursued his studies. And while Austin moved elsewhere, he decided to set up an educational institution and did so in April 12, 1879 under the banner of “Sam Houston Normal Institute”. Since then, it has undergone several changes with the title, and finally evolved to the Sam Houston State University, by 1967. While some of the traditions such as the Sam Houston state class ring may seem like a brand new tradition, the fact is that it is one of the few that manages to unite the student body.sam houston state class ring

The mascot:

Given the various name changes that the University had to go through, it could not settle on a mascot until 1923, when the term Bearkats was coined. Soon, the mascot was selected and the bearcat became a common fixture at most of the inter-college sports. The mascot certainly finds resonance amongst the student body, at the SHSU.