Some Incredible Facts about the Career of This Corporate Bigshot

In the present times, Roberto casula eni is engaged in different kinds of corporate ventures and innovations at the eni company. He is a graduate in mining engineering and was born in Cagliari. He had actually joined the eni company as a reservoir engineer. It was in the oilfields of Italy that he began his work. However, very soon West Africa became his destination and he moved out there as the chief engineer. He later returned to Milan as a business development co coordinator for entire Africa as well as the Middle East.roberto casula eni

Managerial career

There are all kinds of managerial positions that Mr. Casula has held over the long span of his career. He also looks after the operational as well as business activities in different innovative and new programs on the African soil. He has really mastered the different aspects of petroleum as well as the mining industry. His story is a real inspiration for all those people who start small but eventually rise to the top of the ladder.

Beginning of career

After graduating as a mining engineer, Mr. Casula had received a number of job offers from different industries in Italy. Roberto however always wanted to go abroad for work purpose and explore the world. This is because he wished to get exposed to different kinds of cultures as well as technical, non-technical issues that one faces in a foreign land. This is the way in which he grew a number of skill sets that got him top administrative positions in the future.roberto casula eni

Oil business

Roberto casual, comes from a purely technical background. This influenced him immensely to start working in the petroleum as well as mining industries. There are different scientific as well as technological challenges that one need to overcome in order to work in this sector, Roberto relishes all those challenges.